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Save up to 50% on your printer and copier contracts

"Buyers Buddy gave us in depth knowledge of all the contractual and commercial tricks of the photocopying trade and how not to fall for them (again). We simply did not have the experience in house to spot some of these. Savings were £300,000".
P Nicholls.

Buyers Buddy has access to trade prices discounted by up to 80%. We have unrivalled contract expertise and have saved our clients, large and small, over £20m since 2007.

Our consultancy helps PLC`s and Government Departments, local schools, colleges, solicitors and businesses save between 20-50% compared to their existing photocopier contracts. We work for you.

Three simple steps to start saving money

Step 1: Free Audit

We carry out an in depth audit of your current contracts, without obligation, highlighting the savings our pricing would make and the contract terms we would change to make them beneficial, not restrictive and expensive.

Step 2: Upgrade Contract

Once you're ready, we set up a new, better value contract with no hidden charges whilst ensuring the new terms are favourable.
You choose the service provider or we will advise upon request.

Step 3: Start Saving

A simple but very powerful service.
You will save money and in the knowledge the contracts have been arranged and vetted by experts.

Call 0118 988 7474 to find out more.

"Information certainly is power. The Buyers Buddy`s advice and guidance saved us over £28,000. It is clear they have a genuine passion for fair play. We felt we had someone on our side."
C Smithson-Jones.

How it works

Watch the video to see how Buyers Buddy has combined 25 years of photocopier contract expertise and supply experience to create its unique service. You can benefit from this knowledge and stay three steps ahead of the photocopier suppliers. We have access to the trade price of equipment/software, details of the best service agents and know what to remove from the contracts presented for signature. Our experts will provide you with invaluable information and leave you completely protected.

Photocopier sales people will attempt to convince you they can save you money on a managed print service (MPS), improve your document flow, reduce paper waste etc. That's fine but remember their main aim is selling photocopiers (MFD`s) and related software. This is where we step in to remove any confusion. We can advise how much these items actually cost at trade and are paid based on the savings this valuable information creates. Ensuring you pay less for the software and hardware and constructing the contracts in your favour, means we effectively work for you.

Our Guarantee

We will provide independent advice, save you money and improve your contracts.

"The information provided by The Buyers Buddy put our supplier on the back foot. We were supplied with similar control software and 20 MFD`s but at much less money thanks to Alan`s information. Buyers Buddy removed the 'fog' previously created by the sales girl and her manager. I now understand how it all works."
E Watkinson.

Simple and unique

The system works because it is simple, gives you access to expert advice, removes pricing doubt, eliminates restrictive contractual terms and pays for itself every time.

Any type of Printer or Copier?

The system works when buying or leasing any type of MPS solution, photocopiers or multi-functional printers (MFD/MFP), colour or mono, as well as stand-alone printers.

How it works - an example

Traditional Copier Supplier

Price of equipment £20,000
Additional profit added £8,000
Cost to you £28,000
Saving N/A

Buyers Buddy

Price of equipment £20,000
Additional profit added ZERO
Cost to you £20,000
Saving £8,000

Problems we solve

"Your service makes leasing or buying photocopiers simple, safe and great value - as opposed to confusing, stressful and expensive."
K Morrison.

Independent Advice

We are independent – you won`t see images of photocopiers or any printer manufacturer/software logos and advertising on this site.

Recommended Retail Prices (RRP)

We have access to pricing that represents up to 80% discount from RRP. Why pay more?

"I didn't understand the dangers contained in the Service/Support Agreement until I was introduced to Buyers Buddy. They completely changed the contract terms to prevent hidden costs and restrictive termination conditions."
G Goldsmith.

Tricks of the trade exposed

Service Agreements

Photocopier service agreements often contain excessive annual increases, minimum periods, cancellation charges, minimum volumes, high annual support charges and exclude parts. We remove and amend these clauses.

Copier Lease Agreements/Settlements

Residual leases, 60 month periods, additional payments, elevated lease rates, insurance charges and copy volume plans are all avoided. We explain why.

Confusing Proposals

These will be a thing of the past. We will decipher and explain the financial implications of the salesman`s proposals to you.

High Quality Service Support

Our contract vetting service ensures freedom of contract for our customers and this means you receive high quality support and service because quite simply you can leave the Agreement at any time. The supplier is entirely your choice unless you request our recommendations.

Dealing With Copier Salesmen

You will no longer need to do this.


Second hand copier equipment sold as new and financed over long periods is prevented.

Photocopier Toner Exclusions

Service agreements that do not include toner can add thousands of pounds to annual costs. We will make sure the new service provider includes toner.

Disclaimers in Service Agreements

If your Service Agreement contains a disclaimer, the proposals that led you to sign the Agreement are rendered redundant. A compelling reason to use our service.

"I previously signed photocopier contracts with crossed fingers and a prayer. This service has given me complete peace of mind because I now understand the methods of the copier solutions salesman."
W Edmonds.

What our clients say

"Buyers Buddy analysed our contracts and devices and uncovered treble clicking by our supplier - resulting in our organisation saving £1.6m plus VAT including a substantial refund."
D Elliott.

Buyers Buddy results often amaze our clients because unless you have access to trade price photocopiers or MFD's you will have no idea how much profit is being made by the Photocopier salesman. It is very common to save clients five and six figure sums.

Many terms and conditions buried in the small print are restrictive and certainly not of any benefit to the customer. Numerous clients were initially happy with their copier service and supplier and unaware of the scale of profits being made. We saved those organisations substantial sums with the existing supplier often retained.

"We liked our supplier`s service but they were dreadfully expensive and even charged us for toner in addition to copies. Buyers Buddy reduced our lease costs by 37% and improved the terms of our contract. The toner savings alone were £65,000 over 5 years."
D Yeats.

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